Back in 1997 DIVANET was formed in Dallas, TX by Rik Wallin (Rick Wagner) and Sven Wallin (Wynn Wagner) as the first Gay Owned and Operated Oak Lawn Based web hosting, email provider, and design service to many well-known companies and services still operating today.  It all started when Rick and Wynn Wagner built an IBM-AT compatible machine and ran a beta copy of Windows NT 4.0 and learned about Internet Information Server (IIS) followed by a 3rd party product called IMAIL and also a Red Hat Linux machine to provide their own DNS management over a fixed 256K ISDN router and network connection. Later, the concept grew into 9 hand-built rack mounted machines in their home and a dedicated T1 communications link. You don't even want to know what the electric and air conditioning bill was like or the office noise it all made.

    The business ran it course but dwindled when today's freebie corporations took over offering deals to people that later turned out to be too good to be true. Tuns out, a year after shutting down, clients where still calling to complain about how they had to pay for things that DIVANET gave them for free during their 10+ year interaction with the company. Guess they didn't do their homework before choosing to move on to their “so-called better deal" huh?

    Oh well, not much could be done there, party's over, lights are out.. buhh byeee.     So who cares nobody's reading this anyhow right?

PartsChannel.com - Still running with an old unchanged FrontPage layout we designed over 15 years ago.

AEGIS.org - Aids Education Global Information System (one of the largest AIDS News Libraries in the world) now on their own machines.

StonewallDemocrats.org - Moved their web and 2,000+ member mailing list to Washington DC after the founder retired. Doubled their monthly charges in the process.

YouthFirstTexas.org - Was terminated for not paying their bills or responding to phone calls.

GayElpaso.com - Complained that $14.95 a month for their website and enormous mailing list was too expensive. Later wound up paying higher fees getting nickel and dimed for features we offered for free. 

Housing Crisis Center - Found a better deal but later learned differently.

MasterRealtors - Wanted to do their own design / hosting work and the business is now defunct.

Here's one of our old client list pages just to give you an idea of who we were.

Initial Design and Hosted for a Full Year

not a bad deal huh?

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